About YOcoin

YOcoin is a decentralized, open, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, created in December 2015 using Scrypt proof-of-work protocol or algorithm.

YOcoin is also a chance for you to join the upheavals that are cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies by purchasing blocks of YOcoin at market rates for as little as $50.

And there’s more! YOcoin also offers you a sound, simple and affordable affiliate business strategy that is the doorway to a potentially new financial future for you. Learn more about becoming a YOcoin Community Affiliate by watching the short videos that follow.

Here is a video to help you set up your new, simple YOcoin wallet!

How to exchange your YOcoin for the new YOcoin

A new exchange video coming soon!

How to set up your Bitcoin wallet to complete your YOcoin purchase. 

How to send your Bitcoin from your wallet to complete your YOcoin purchase.