Earned Income Commissions

pdf     W9 Form – United States

pdf     W8 Form – Canada

Please download your respective PDF based on your country, fill it out*, and sign it. Once you have done so, you may scan or take a picture of it, and send it to the following email address:


*Note: Your form must be filled out correctly! You MUST include a correct tax ID for you or a registered entity or you may be fined or even terminated by YOcoin.


Please include in your email two other items:

  1. Screenshot or picture of your secure.yocoin.org back office login page showing your main wallet balance total and
  2. The amount of commissions that you are requesting.

You will receive an immediate response to your email.


 For more information, please watch the following video:

Purchasing more YOcoins with your commissions

Instructions for Canadian Affiliates